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Melanin is a substance found on the retina of our eyes.It has been protecting man against the harsh ultraviolet rays in sunlight since the beginning of time.This same pigment gives color to your skin and hair.Melanin is natures solution to the problem of damaging light.

Melanin Goes Beyond UV Protection
Melanin absorbs the higher energy light more completely than the lower energy light.It protects the lens of the eys against harmful UV rays and provides near optimum protection to the retina by filtering the different colors in proportion to their ability to damage the tissue of the retina.Because blue light is reduced,so is the glare,and
vision is enhanced.However, blue light is not eliminated so that color balance is maintained.All of these benefits happen naturally with melanin-through the wisdom of nature.

Melanin in the Human Eye Decreases with Age
Nature provides us with an original supply of melanin at the back of the eye.Researchers believe that this melanin offers both photo protection and vision enhancement. However,this valuable protection pigment gradually decreases during the aging process-about 15% is lost in the eye by age forty and 25% is lost by age fifty.Ophthalmologist have reported that melanin in the eye reduces the risks of age related macular degeneration(AMD).NATRALITE filters,with natural melanin,compensates for this lost melanin by filtering the light source through the Melanin Filter which provides a shield for the eyes in interior spaces that use artificial light.

New patented Technology for Creating Melanin
with a new patented technology for the reduction of electromagnetic radiation,physicists genetically isolated melanin,then synthetically engineered it.This synthesized melanin was then incorporated into clear plastic materials.This new method made it possible to incorporate synthetic and organic melanin into our filters.
Melanin filters are designed to fit over standard T5,T-8 and T-12 fluorescent lamps.They improve color contrast,reduce glare,reduce eye strain,and provide warm color rendition.UV protection with melanin filters is achieved in the UVA and UVB regions with 0% transmittance of wavelength below 395 nanometers.This type of protection is ideal for the preservation of fabrics artwork,objects of historical value,and other light sensitive materials.

For years lamp manufacturers have tried to improve the color rendition of fluorescent lighting.They wanted the rich and warm rendition achieved only with incandescent lamps.Even the modern color corrected lamps do not accomplish this goal Melanin filters,whenused over fluorescent lamps,allows us to achieve the very desired warm effect and look of incandescent lighting with the important added bonus of preventing the transmission of harmful ultraviolet rays.

Melanin filters are easy to install.They simply fit over the selected lamps.They cost less than some fluorescent lamps.With a minimal investment,our filters can illuminate your facility with the rich appearance of incandescent lighting,without changing your fluorescent fixtures or bulbs.This allows you to use your low energy consuming fluorescent fixtures and still achieve the warm rich look of incandescent lighting.

By absorbing high energy HIV and UV rays Natralite Filters with Melanin prevent the cumulative damage to your eyes associated with artificial light sources such as fluorescent lighting.Natralite Filters with Melanin are easy to order and very simple to install.Begin enjoying a healthy lighting environment today.

    10 BEST LIST:

  1. Low cost and long useful life cycle
  2. Improved contrast and visual comfort
  3. Eliminates most glare 90% plus VCP
  4. Enhanced color rendition-people look better
  5. UVB Flicker reduced
  6. Protects artwork and fabrics from UV
  7. Provides designers with a distinctive design medium
  8. Reaches incandescent spectrum -warmer color
  9. Slow bacteria growth
  10. Invisible to insects-lack of UV repels insects